About the School


Established in 2000, the Yan family art school has worked with students of all ages and see their ability improve. Art is a form of self expression. Everybody has the desire to express, thus there’s an artist in everyone. We are simply here to help discover your language of art and help you learn various tools to achieve your pursuit of self expression. We teach you how to improve your ability to observe and visualize this world,¬†present on paper/canvas/digital media with skill and finesse¬†what you see and how you feel by understanding light, color and composition.


Yi Yan

Born and raised in an artistic family, Yi Yan grew up with the talent and passion for art and an environment that taught her the ins and outs of traditional medium. She then graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Computer Science degree with an emphasis on digital media and 3D animation, which also opened up her insights to digital art. She has been a freelance designer as well as an art instructor in the greater Chicago area working with local art schools as well as her family art school for eight years, and is now establishing a new branch of the Yan family art school in the San Francisco Bay area.

2009 Group Exhibition Art Insistitute of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
2012 Group Exhibition BridgeHead Studio, Alameda, CA
2014 Group Exhibition Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT